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Richard Avedon

"Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent Photographed by Richard Avedon." Iconic four color offset lithography on heavy gloss stock. Full bleeds on top and both sides with white border at bottom. Copyright 1981 by Richard Avedon. Distributed by Gallery Prints, Inc., 611 Dumaine St., New Orleans, LA 70116, USA. (1-504-522-2190). Signed lower center by Avedon in heavy gauge graphite. Measures 24.5" height x 35.75". Photographed.


Personally ordered by me in 1982 directly from American Photographer Magazine, March 1982 issue with foldout cover of the exact image on the poster. The unsigned version sold for $20.00 and this signed version sold for $40.00. Stored in no-light/low-light climate controlled conditions inside a Plexiglas poster frame with white archival cover weight paper stock sandwiched between poster and backing board (original mailing tube was not archival quality and was discarded).

In stunning condition with vibrant color saturation. No tears, creases, or mars. NOTE: A barely perceptible amount of aging/foxing in the paper stock—paper stock is not archival quality—however, locating a poster in this splendid condition will be a challenge. (The small pencil mark inside the “o” in “Avedon” is a pencil mark presumably made while Avedon signed this poster with an extravagant flourish). Kinski was unwearyingly nude for several hours with this Burmese python as Avedon clicked the shutter. Well worth the effort.