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R. A. Miller Drawing "Church Going Devil" Masonite - Traditional Art Limited
Traditional Art Limited

R. A. Miller Drawing "Church Going Devil" Masonite. Sold.


Church Going Devil: “Churse goging devil. He sang…I lie way on Sunday and on Munday He lyse and drank and curse and steal and Ho Hop and murderse. God have mursy on him. Lord Love You.” Multicolor markers on white painted Masonite. 10.5” x 24.5” Signed in gold metallic marker: RA Miller and “Lord Love You”.  (Rough Translation: “Church going devil. He sang…I laid away on Sunday and on Monday…He lies and drank and curse and steal and Whore Hop and murders. God have mercy on him. Lord Love You”).

All of R. A. Miller's works on wood may have rough edges and sides, holes, cracks, splinters, stains, peeling paint, bending, warping, and unsquared corners as they were procured from salvaged materials and repurposed for his artworks. It is typical for them to have nail holes because he tacked them to the side of his house when presented for sale.    

R.E.M. filmed their video Left of Reckoning (1984) at R. A. Miller's studio and Whirligig Farm in Rabbittown, Georgia - directed by James Herbert, University of Georgia, Athens.

R. A.'s artwork is also featured on R.E.M.'s Dead Letter Office album (1987).

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