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R. A. Miller Livres d’artiste Painting "Set of 4 – Pint glass flasks"


Scarce and one of a kind Set of 4 – Pint glass flasks with metal Stelvin screw cap closures and offered as livres d’artiste. Flat white paint and multicolored paints with black and gold metallic markers, signed on bottom with black marker. Some rust showing on screw caps. Personalized with abstinence messages:

  1. Front: “Fire Water” w/Red Devil. Back: “Trouble Water” w/Green Devil. 1-red snake on each side.
  2. Front: “Rough Stuff” w/Blue Devil. Back: “Real Rough” w/Black Devil. 1-blue snake on each side.
  3. Front: “Freedom” w/Blue Fish. Back: Black Hog. 1-Flower motif on each side with four flowers.
  4. Front: “Yer in Here” w/Red Devil. Back: “He’s in Here” w/Black Devil. 1-black snake on each side.

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