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ABOUT US & Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is this store named Traditional Art Limited? 

Traditional Art is also known as folk art, outsider art, and naïve art; while others insist it is just "Art."

The exceptions are the two modern artists: Andy Warhol (book) and Richard Avedon (poster).

When these 100 selections are sold this website will be dismantled. 

Did you personally meet and purchase every item from the artists?

Yes, with two exceptions:

I met both R.A. Miller and Howard Finster about a dozen times at their studios in Summerville and Gainesville, Georgia, respectively.

I met both Mose Tolliver and Annie Tolliver once at their homes in Montgomery, Alabama,

I met both Purvis Young and Mary Klein one time at art galleries in Atlanta. 

There are only two items for sale at Traditional Art Limited that I did not personally meet the artists, they are: Andy Warhol and Richard Avedon.

Are all selections signed by the artist?


Are all selections recent photographs?

Yes. The photographs were taken while building this Shopify store. The photographic selections are straightforward : What you see is what you get.

Are the descriptions of the selections accurate and factual?

Yes. Comprehensive descriptions provide a thorough provenance and disclosure for each selection. Please email us if more information is required.

How are the selections shipped?

All selections ship from Albuquerque, New Mexico, custom packaged (which is pricey because many artworks are oversized) and include **USPS Priority Standard shipping**, tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation included (signature confirmation can be declined if requested).

**All orders over $270.00 include complimentary shipping**. 


The rate for up to 1 pound is $12.00; 1-3 pounds is $20.00; and 3-5 pounds is $30.00.

Currently only shipping to the United States.

Overseas orders are not accepted because the shipping and international customs fess exceed the cost of most of the products. We apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this may cause. One customer with friends in the USA had it shipped to stateside and then reshipped to the overseas address. 

What is the Return Policy?

If you are not completely satisfied a refund request is allowed up to 7 days after delivery of item(s). Return postage is paid by the customer and insurance is required to cover any loss or damage. A refund will be processed after the selected item(s) is returned in its original condition. All shipping costs, if applicable, are non-refundable.

 What is the Exchange Policy?

There is no exchange policy. All items are one of kind. Several items such as books may be identical; however, each signature of an artist is unique, and the positioning of these and/or additional small drawings make each item unique.