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For Sale: "Traditional Art," "Folk Art," "Outsider Art," "Naive Art," "Just Art."

Welcome to Traditional Art Limited!

My mission is to provide artworks to buyers who grapple with procuring original, unique, and authentic art online. 

I care that patrons are satisfied with their acquisitions.

I lived in Georgia for 34 years and recently moved to New Mexico. I parted with many of my belongings when I moved and decided to sell a portion of my art acquisitions in order to enhance the lives of other art lovers.

I perceive art lovers, like myself, as "custodians" and "caretakers" of art objects. I have enjoyed these artworks for the past 25 years, and now it is time for them to be accessible so others can share in the joy of custodianship as well.

Please email us with any questions: 

Orders outside the USA are not accepted; however, having an order shipped to a USA address, that addressee can forward it to its final destination, is one way to get it there.

Please Note: Each listed product has a quantity of ONE available. If a product states "Sold" it is no longer available. 

Please view FAQ Page for "ABOUT US" details.


Brent Schwarz