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Michael Finster Painting on Wood: “Zillion Alien Caverns.”


Michael Finster “Zillion Alien Caverns” painting on Wood.

Front: Mixed media paint on wood panel. Signed by the artist in black paint in lower right corner “Zillion Alien Caverns, #3618th. 7-8-95." Inscription on top center in white media: “There is things in space. You have to use your mind to get there. Search every corner of your mind.” And on left side panel: “God’s Playground.”

Back: Unfinished wood. Signed and inscribed by the artist in black marker: “Michael Finster 95. I don’t know if aliens exist. But they do in my mind. I can see them on another planet much more advanced than ours. God Bless You.” 11.875” x 7”

Purchased personally from Michael at a long-forgotten folk-art gallery. This was for an installation party in Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, that also featured other artists.

Wood board is solid as a rock, yet, has a slight, non-consequential bow. Has metal hanger top center with two nails.

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