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Traditional Art Limited

Russian Orthodox Icon Style Matryoshka 10 Wood Nesting Dolls Cut-Out Window Design, signed (1997). Unique artistry! Only 1 available, includes domestic shipping to USA only.


Set of 10, painted in traditional Russian Orthodox Icon Style wood Matryoshka (meaning "little matron") signed Nesting Dolls, made with machine lathed precision, and hand-painted with skillful mastery! Matryoshka dolls symbolize fertility and motherhood that makes this set with the subject of the Virgin Mary befitting. 

“Madonna and Child” with gold gilding and fine lacquering. Inner doll icons include Christ Pantocrator "All-Ruler," saints, and ascetics.

Hand Painted Cathedral Cut-Out Window Design on outermost doll.

Bottom of outer doll signed: “Melnikov. S.” date, 1997.

Smallest inside doll #10 size: .875”.

Largest Outside doll #1 size: 9.5”

Outside circumference size: approx. 4.75”

Provenance: Acquired from Art Caravan, Merchandise Mart, 1998.

Original owner; non-smoking household. 

Includes shipping, fully insured with signature verification, to USA only.

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