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Valery (Valerius) Ivanov Set of 11 Pastel Drawings (year 1996). Only 1-set available, includes domestic shipping to USA only.


Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: Set of 11-Pastel Drawings (10 vertical, 1 horizontal), Front only.

I was privileged to see Valery expeditiously craft these drawings by means of his typically animated spirit during Valentine’s week 1996. Employing a colorful seasonal palette that highlights love, hearts, angels, kisses, trees, the snail lover, and peace motifs.

10 Vertical: Size: 12” x 18” — 9 vertical formats signed twice: once in white pastel, and again at my request in fine gold metallic marker: “Valerius.”

1 vertical format “Two Cherries” signed once in fine gold metallic marker: “Valerius.” 

1 horizontal/landscape format, signed once in with white pastel and again at my request in fine gold metallic marker: “Valerius.”

Provenance: Acquired from Valery Ivanov at Pat Mason Fine Art, (retired) Atlanta, GA, on an artist in residence visit in 1996.

Original owner; non-smoking household. 

Includes shipping, fully insured with signature verification, to USA only.

Click on photos to enlarge and view titles*.

* NOTE: All titles are interpretive and intended for reference purposes only by owner. Original owner; non-smoking household. 

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