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Valery (Valerius) Ivanov “Snail Man” large pastel drawing with gold foil (1996). Only 1 available, includes domestic shipping to USA only.


Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: Impressively large pastel (33.75” x 47.125”) on black construction paper with gold stamping foil border: “Snail Man," mounted to pale green backing paper (gold foil has minor, modest flaking). Valery resourced gold foil used by graphic printing arts stamping and embossing techniques that he ingeniously glued to the substrate with a hot clothing iron.)

Large center drawing with four smaller drawings affixed in a quadrant surrounding the pivotal drawing of Valery's beloved imaginary character: "The Snail Man," that is drawn directly on the paper stock. 

Script signature: “‘Ivanov’ – “ИвАнов” — 1996 – Snail Man” (See detail photo).

Four small affixed pastel drawings of "The Snail Man" in various landscapes.

Size: approx. 8” x 11.25.” 

All descriptions are interpretative by owner:

Upper left: Sunshine and blue skies (not signed).

Upper right: Starry night with quarter moon (initialed and dated 1996).

Lower left: Twilight/eclipse (initialed and dated 1996).

Lower right: Dreamscape with symbols (initialed and dated 1996).

(Some corners of 4-affixed pastels have separated because of gold foil underneath, very minor.)

Reverse: Blank, backing stock.

Size is impressive: approx. 33.75” x 47.125”.

Valery participated in a well-attended multi-artist exhibit at the Right Brain Art Gallery (closed) in Atlanta, GA in late December 1997. I attended the opening night.

Provenance: Acquired from Valery Ivanov at Pat Mason Fine Art, (retired) Atlanta, GA, 1997, on an artist in residence visit, bringing with him artworks he created in 1996.

Original owner; non-smoking household. Original glassine protector sheet attached by Valery replaced periodically as necessary since 1996. 

Includes shipping in heavy duty mailing tube, fully insured with signature verification, to USA only.


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