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Valery (Valerius) Ivanov Set of 2-drawings on heavy paper board (year 1996) with exacto blade peeled areas. Only 1-set available, includes domestic shipping to USA only.


#1: Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: Mixed media with copper foil, exacto blade peeled areas, pastels, markers, and acrylic on black chipboard base.

Small drawing with Russian and English scripts:

Russian script signature: Ivanov “ИвАнов” and description: “United Kingdom Snails Lover”.

Back: Inventory #325, 1996, acquired from “PMFA” (Pat Mason Fine Art) in pencil.

Size: 5.5” x 5.5”

#2: Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: Mixed media with exacto blade peeled areas, pastels, ink, and markers on brown backing board.

Small drawings of “Halloween ‘Fox or Cat’” and the “Snails Lover.” Signed: “Valerius.”

Back: Inventory #1054, ca. 1996.

Size: 11.1875” x 7.6875”.

Must see for full appreciation and uniqueness with amazing technique by Valerius!

Provenance: Both acquired from Valery Ivanov at Pat Mason Fine Art, (retired) Atlanta, GA, on an artist in residence visit in 1996.

Original owner; non-smoking household. 

Includes shipping, fully insured with signature verification, to USA only.

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