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Valery (Valerius) Ivanov Painting on Canvas (1996). Only 1 available, includes domestic shipping to USA only.


Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: Acrylic painting on Canvas: “The Snail Lover and Henrietta Von Blum near lake Sen-Klu-Bluems.”  

Front: Lower Left Script: “United Kingdom of Snails Lover.” Features a Valery favorite motif: Foxes!

Lower Right Signature: “Valeri 96.”

Specification sheet titled: “Letter 2,” articulates Valery’s Snail Lover’s narrative of the inspirational backstory about this painting’s genesis.

Back: Top wood frame has inventory #346 in pencil; Ivanov “ИвАнов.

Canvas back stamped in ink and handwriting in black marker, presumably with export/customs data.

Size: 13.75” x 14”.

Complementary with purchase:

Pastel drawing by Valery (Valerius) Ivanov: “Fox.” Signed: Valeri ’96.

Pastel on Black Construction Paper mounted to white backing paper with gold stamping foil border. 

Size: 7.375” x 8.125.”

Back: Inventory #326, 1996, acquired from “PMFA” (Pat Mason Fine Art) in pencil.

Mirrors the fox illustrated on above canvas: “United Kingdom of Snails Lover.”

(Valery resourced gold foil used by graphic printing arts stamping and embossing techniques that he glued to the substrate with a hot clothing iron.)

Provenance: Both acquired from Valery Ivanov at Pat Mason Fine Art, (retired) Atlanta, GA, on an artist in residence visit, bringing with him artworks he created in 1996.

Original owner; non-smoking household. 

Includes shipping, fully insured with signature verification, to USA only.

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